The Moderator

The Moderator is available in six sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. Please note, that your Moderator ring size will not be the same as your usual ring size because of where it sits on your hand. Finding out the size you need is quick and easy though, just click on the 'What ring size do I need?' button below if you haven't ordered from us before.

The Moderator ring in Tangerine Orange
The Moderator ring in Tangerine Orange

Wear this for Halloween and scare away your habits.

The Moderator ring is a silicone double finger ring for men and women that can help you to take control of a variety of habits and lead a healthier lifestyle. The unique design of the ring restricts movement of the fingers and in certain hand positions the moulded balls on the inner sides exert a gentle pressure to remind you that you are trying to moderate your habit.

Give two fingers to smoking, drinking, caffeine, eating, nail-biting and other habits by wearing a Moderator ring which is available in a range of sizes and attractive colours.

What ring size do I need?

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