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The Moderator


Resisting that urge to snack on fatty and sugary foods sometimes seems impossible. Wear The Moderator to help you get through those tricky first days of a diet or just to help keep those cravings at bay.

To slightly restrict your hand movements when reaching for a snack, you should wear The Moderator on the hand you use the most. The moulded ball on the inner side of the ring will exert a gentle pressure on the underside of your fingers to act as a further physical reminder when you try reaching into that biscuit tin!

You can wear The Moderator to complement any diet plan you are following or if you are just doing your own thing to stay healthy.

The Moderator is completely safe, non-invasive and comfortable to wear … and looks great too.

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You could hold the power to beat the habit in your hands!

Read about the inspiration behind the design of The Moderator.

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