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The Moderator Story

The Moderator was invented by Grant Penfield who was inspired by the death of his father from lung cancer to create a product to help people cut down on their habits.

Grant's father died aged 48 having smoked 60 cigarettes a day for many years. Grant explains, "From that point on I was determined to think of a way not only to prevent other children from growing up with heavy smokers but to deter them from developing habits such as smoking and drinking in the first place."


The idea behind The Moderator emerged from a ring left to Grant by his father. Wearing the ring on the end of this middle finger, meant that each time he picked up a drink, the ring clinked against the glass and reminded him how many times he was actually picking up his drink. If a ring could help moderate repetitive behaviour such as drinking, maybe it could help remind people to moderate other habits as well? Tackling smoking initially, Grant came up with the concept that if the fingers used for smoking – the index and middle finger – were joined together, then you couldn’t easily smoke. This inspired the unique double-ring design and over eighteen months of product research and development. Grant quickly realised that his product could also be used to moderate a whole range of other habits and repetitive behaviours.

Patented Concept

The Moderator has been patented as a ‘reminder device’, not only to help people moderate their smoking and drinking but to also help control a range of other habits such as snacking whilst dieting, nail-biting, scratching, compulsive texting and so on.

Give Two Fingers

Grant has always believed that if only his father could have moderated his smoking then perhaps he would still be alive today. It is this passion (and an anti-smoking sentiment in particular) that drives The Moderator brand and has led to its edgy, but motivational strapline ‘Give two fingers to your habits’.

Made in Great Britain

Making a conscious decision to support British design and manufacturing, Moderator rings are manufactured by a local factory based in Poole, Dorset.

Future Development

With two-thirds of smokers starting before the age of 18*, Grant is particularly motivated to help young people stop (or never start) smoking. In response, he is presently developing a new sub-brand of The Moderator specifically targeting the youth market. Grant says, “You can’t underestimate the importance of teaching the next generation about leading healthier lifestyles and making the right personal choices.”
*Source: ASH


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