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The Moderator

Key Features

The Moderator was inspired to help people lead a healthier lifestyle. By wearing The Moderator, you can take control of cravings and take responsibility for your own health. Wear The Moderator to cut back on smoking, drinking alcohol, caffeine consumption, unhealthy snacks or any habits you want to moderate.

The design of the ring restricts movement of the fingers, and in certain hand positions the moulded balls on the inner sides exert a gentle pressure. Both act as a physical reminder of the wearer's intention to moderate behaviour

Smokers can wear The Moderator between the fingernails and knuckles of their smoking hand to remind them to smoke less and to make it more difficult to habitually take or hold a cigarette

Research shows The Moderator to be effective in helping people who would like to smoke fewer cigarettes to successfully cut down

The Moderator does not have to be worn 24/7 but should ideally be used during times of pressure or when feeling most relaxed as these are the times we are most likely to give in to our habits

A completely safe and non-invasive alternative or complement to chemical-based smoking controlled products

Designed and manufactured in the UK using high quality silicone to look good and feel comfortable to wear

Available in a range of colours and sizes (new colours will be available in 2013)

With and RRP of £6.99, The Moderator costs less than most packs of 20 cigarettes and saves money by helping wearers to cut down on expensive, harmful and unhealthy habits

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